Concrete Floor Grinding

Surface Removal
  • Our floor grinders are capable of removing various materials
    from concrete surfaces. These include but are not limited to,
    Carpet Glue, Mastics, Epoxy/Urethane coatings, Tile Grouts
    and Concrete sealers.
  • We use the latest in vacuum technologies to control silica dust
    from escaping into the environment. HEPA filters are used to
    contain even the smallest particulates of dust that may be
    generated through the grinding process.
  • Our 30 inch grinders are narrow enough to fit through the most
    common sized man doors making them versatile enough to get
    to the job as well as to get it done.
Concrete Polishing
  • Our fleet of grinders are ideal for concrete polishing, using
    a counter rotating planetary attachment to attain a random
    grinding pattern we are able to generate exceptionally
    smooth and reflective surfaces.
  • With 800 pounds of downward pressure cutting into the
    hardest of concretes can be accomplished. This allows for
    varying depths of polishing from a cream finish to exposing
    the fine sands just under the surface leaving a salt and
    pepper like finish.
Surface Preparation
  • Don’t risk wasting time and money on applying materials to
    unprepared surfaces!
  • We provide concrete preparation services using our grinders
    for people looking to install concrete coatings, sealers, or levelers
    on their own.
  • Our services includes grinding the surfaces clean, including all
    perimeter edges, as well as vacuuming the area so it is ready
    for you to apply your materials.